Foundation: This course will cover an introduction to the Ecology and legislation of UK Bat Species. Delegates will be taught when and where they are likely to encounter bats and have a broad understanding of roles and responsibilities when encountering bats.

Intermediate (Coming  Soon): This follows on from Foundation topics and builds on this by covering key survey techniques, planning and preparing surveys in order to obtain useful data in order to inform impact review. This will introduce all survey techniques required for planning and compared to current industry standards and make clear the timing of the surveys and how to interpret the data gathered. Delegates should gain a better understanding of what type of survey is appropriate in order to plan their data gathering.

Advanced (Coming  Soon): This course builds on from the Foundation and Intermediate courses and will give the learner greater understanding Bat mitigation principals and how these vary from species / groups of bats including regional variations. It will involve the submission of course exercises and will give delegates a practical understanding of the Mitigation principals for roosting and foraging bats and how to inform Protected Species Licence and Site-Specific Mitigation Method Statements.