The past few months have undoubtedly proven to be a difficult time for most businesses associated with the construction and property sector.

During the early phase of the lock down, like most, we placed a number of our staff on furlough to help us through the period. However because ecological, habitat, arboriculture and flood risk surveying were recognised very early on by the government as being an essential part of the services needed to keep the country running, we were able to keep others working on site.

We have been able to complete socially distanced planning surveys for clients willing to allow us on site and from 1st of July we successfully welcomed back the rest of our team and have been running at full strength ever since. Of course this has meant operating within the social distancing policies within our offices and we’ve introduced a number of measures to ensure everyone feels safe.

We know that within the property and planning sectors there was an initial pause, however, the survey season is now well underway. More and more lockdown measures have started to ease and an area that has been particularly popular is our expertise and experience of helping land owners and developers select which projects to prioritise. This is important because everyone is keen to resume works as soon as possible to get people back to work and cash flowing again.

As you can imagine, we have been very busy helping businesses review their project portfolio’s in order to recommence works on projects that were previously on pause. In particular this has involved working alongside farmers and landowners to review and prioritise planning applications for land which may have development potential.

Lifting the Lockdown – fast track planning on developments?

In addition to our ecology works and planning advice, back in April 2020 we were appointed onto the Severn Trent Water & Hafren Dyfrdwy Frameworks. This work has been plentiful and RammSanderson Director Anthony Mellor, has been very busy reviewing their assets and providing them with habitat and flood risk advice.

Other projects we have been heavily involved with include carrying out work ahead of Phase 2 developments works at Centrix Park business centre. Through collaboration and detailed conversations with local authority planners, Director, Nick Sanderson, was able to present proposals that achieved planning approval in just nine months when a typical timescale is 2-3 years. Works will commence on site in October 2020 for a new multi million pound 165,000 sqft unit.

We were also very delighted to read recently that Horden Station was officially opened to the public. This is a project that we have been heavily involved with for nearly two years, carrying out a series of habitat surveys to help with the planning application for the £15m redevelopment of the Station. And finally, we received the great news that we have been shortlisted for an award!

If we can help you prioritise the re-start of planning or work on projects you have placed on hold, please get in touch.

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