RammSanderson now offer in house landscape contracting capabilities. We believe this provides a streamlined approach to the needs of our clients and their projects. Several of our trained landscaping operatives are also ecologists and can therefore understand the needs of our clients and the sensitivity of ecology on sites.

Services include:

  • Vegetation clearance
  • Tree Felling
  • Invasive Species advice & treatment
  • Amphibian and Reptile Fence installation and maintenance checks
  • Site habitat management works
  • Estate Management
  • Land bank management & advice
  • Bat & Bird box supply & installation via roped access if required
  • Roped access tree inspection & felling where required
  • Arboricultural Tree health & condition inspection & emergency felling where necessary
  • Habitat creation, such as new ponds, tree, hedgerow & landscape planting and subsequent management

We can combine disciplines to great advantage not only from an ecological, arboriculture and flooding perspectives, but from a cost saving perspective also. For instance, for sites requiring vegetation clearance during the nesting bird season, our ecologists can check the site ahead of works to provide compliance with protected species and then where appropriate to do so, undertake the clearance operations meaning only one set of operatives is required on site. Other examples include tree felling works supported by pre-clearance roped access climbed inspection for bats by licensed bat ecologists and fence installation works completed by licensed newt surveyors.



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