Our  Training platform offers a unique learning opportunity for those with an interest in Ecology, whether it’s a requirement of your role in associated professions, you deal with ecologists and ecological matters, or you’re looking at a career change, starting out your career or developing your skills as an ecologist.

Foundation – Designed for those involved in construction and related industries or undergraduate ecologists. This level of course will give you a background understanding in each topic area, the Ecology and Legislation surrounding the topic and the principles of field identification. If you’re involved in development or related industries and professions this level of course will give you a fundamental base of knowledge transferable to your project sites. It will increase your ecological awareness and can be used to demonstrate Ecological Compliance and understanding.

Intermediate – These courses are targeted at recent Graduates and Early Career Ecologists. As well as giving a detailed grounding in ecology and legislation this will discuss and teach survey techniques and evaluation of findings to inform impact appraisal for each topic area. For construction, planning and development professionals this level of course would give you good level of insight into the workings of ecological consulting and what to expect from your consultant.

Advanced – This takes each topic area to the next phase and provides advice on mitigation, compensation and how to analyse ecological impacts. These courses will enable you to influence a development proposal, and to help you achieve Favourable Conservation Status through mitigation method statements and Protected Species Licenses. These courses are aimed at ecologists developing their skills principally. For construction, planning and development professionals, this level of course would give a detailed level of insight into the ecology profession and help you influence your consultant to be creative and innovative, whilst working within their legal and professional frameworks.


Construction Worker : Ecology Passport –  For site operatives who need to have a broad base of knowledge covering the ecological matters you are likely to encounter on site. By completing the courses you will receive an Ecology Site Passport to demonstrate your areas of Ecological understanding & compliance. Discount Rates apply for multiple courses and each year you will be provided access to an online test to recertify your passport.


To book your place follow the links on the courses below. For company or bulk bookings please email training@rammsanderson.com or call one of our team on 0115 930 2493


If you’re an ecologist and you need to demonstrate competency within or outside your organisation, we have developed a series of Competency Tests.  If you would like to take your whole team through this process, please contact us

As well as the catalogue of courses below, we also have some exciting field course opportunities coming up this year.

E-Learning Course Catalogue:

Bat Awareness

Bat Awareness For Roofers

Great Crested Newt Awareness

Reptile Awareness – COMING SOON

Construction Ecology Passport – COMING SOON

Badger Awareness – COMING SOON




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