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RammSanderson holds considerable expertise in the area of bat ecology, licencing and mitigation. An excellent example of this is our work at Hillbrook House in Leicestershire.

RammSanderson were commissioned to undertake surveys and a licence application for a loft extension of a listed dwelling containing a Brown Long Eared maternity Bat roost in Leicestershire.

During an internal inspection undertaken by a Class 2 Bat Licence holder, approximately 20 Brown Long Eared bats and their droppings were observed within the loft and on numerous entry points on the exterior of the property.

A series of emergence/re-entry surveys were conducted by experienced RammSanderson surveyors in accordance with industry standard methods (Hundt et al 2013). The surveys were undertaken in May, June and July 2014 and observed up to 26 Brown Long Eared Bats utilising the bat roost. Due to the number and behaviour of the individuals during the surveys it was concluded that a maternity roost was present.

Following completion of the surveys, RammSanderson successfully obtained a Natural England European Protected Species Licence (EPSL) for the planned work. A detailed mitigation and compensation scheme was provided through consultation with the client and their architects. Due to the constraints imposed by the building’s listed status, an extension was not possible meaning the only option for its improvement was a loft conversion, meaning the brown long-eared roost would be lost as a result. The EPSL therefore successfully secured a compensatory roost to be created within an adjacent garage structure with a new purpose built bat loft.

Exclusion of the roost was undertaken after absence checks took place in winter 2014. Having confirmed absence and mitigated with a new roost, licensed construction works were able to take place and provide long-term roost provision suited to this species.