Alongside ecological and arboriculture and flood risk services, RammSanderson covers a wide variety of aquatic surveys concerning freshwater systems such as lakes, ponds, and watercourses. 

We offer an extensive Aquatic Ecological Survey service, covering everything from protected species surveys to geomorphological assessments of waterbodies for biodiversity assessment, specialist permitting, or high-quality freshwater sampling including boat-based surveys.

RammSanderson Aquatic Ecological Survey Services

Our Aquatic Ecological Services are guided by best practices and guidelines and Natural England Advice. Our expert ecologists also meet the competencies as set out by the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM).

At RammSanderson, we offer the following Aquatic Ecological Survey Services:

Aquatic Ecological Survey Experts 

Aquatic systems are critically important, not just from a habitat and species perspective, but in providing people with services such as transport and access, and amenity recreational spaces. 

As has been reported in detail, our waterways in the UK are under immense pressure from human encroachment, climate change, and pollution. Therefore, our watercourses and the species that inhabit them are rightly protected to ensure these watercourses are not exploited. 

RammSanderson has a specialist team of Aquatic Ecological Survey consultants to enable the delivery of a wide range of specialist aquatic services that may be needed for your development. 

Often, an Aquatic Ecological Survey, testing, sampling, and permitting may be required to accompany a planning application or development but may also be requested specifically from the environment agency. 

These surveys can be carried out before works commence to ensure appropriate methodology or mitigation used to allow the development to proceed.

Water vole

Protected Species Surveys 

Like Terrestrial Ecology, Aquatic Ecology features a range of species that are offered greater legal protection than others. 

This makes it important to consider where a site is located within close proximity to a waterbody or watercourse.  An aquatic ecology survey may have to be considered as part of a planning application or during routine management works. 

Developments may need further Aquatic Ecological Survey and management where the aim is to increase levels of discharge, perform works that may mobilise silt, or directly impact the bank through construction or repair and maintenance work. Impacts may also occur due to indirect consequences associated with noise/vibration, for example. 

Otter survey

Why Choose RammSanderson for Aquatic Ecological Survey Services?

For efficient Aquatic Ecological Survey and management services for development plans and projects across the UK, our experienced consultants provide a comprehensive range of services to ensure regulatory and protected species compliance.

Whatever the requirements, RammSanderson endeavours to consistently deliver a premium service with expertly trained operatives and ecologists who understand the needs and sensitivity of ecology assessments and site management.

RammSanderson has a team of experienced consultants ready to carry out Aquatic Ecological Survey and Management Services. Get in touch today!