RammSanderson offers both Terrestrial and Aquatic services in Ecology. 

Our experts seek to enable our clients to design schemes delivering both the project requirements whilst following the mitigation hierarchy of ecological avoidance, mitigation, and compensation, built in from an early stage through our ecology survey services.

At RammSanderson our ecology services fall under two specialist areas: Terrestrial Surveys and Aquatic Surveys.

Understanding Ecology Surveys

By working closely with the wider design team, we can follow a project through from early design, to approval, implementation, and post-construction monitoring and maintenance. 

RammSanderson offers a pragmatic and practical approach, which can result in project efficiencies whilst delivering ecological betterment. 

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of our industry, staying ahead of emerging changes in surveys and policy and delivering a high quality of service guiding our customers through the legislative framework around Ecology in the UK.

Habitat Regulation Assessment

Terrestrial Surveys

Terrestrial ecology surveys focus on the assessment of land-based ecosystems, examining the diverse array of flora and fauna present on solid ground. These surveys encompass a variety of environments, from forests and grasslands to urban areas. 

During a terrestrial ecology survey, our ecologists meticulously study the distribution and abundance of plant species, as well as the habitats and nesting sites of animals. Factors such as soil composition, topography, and vegetation cover are thoroughly analysed to understand the intricate relationships within the ecosystem. 

This comprehensive approach can involve specialised protected species surveys such as bat and great crested newt, bird, CS38 tree climbing assessments, badger, reptile, dormouse, reptile surveys, and mitigation plans.

Our surveys will also account for invasive species such as Japanese knotweed to help identify any critical constraints. 

A Terrestrial Ecology Survey is crucial for informing land-use planning, conservation efforts, and mitigating the environmental impact of development projects on terrestrial habitats.

Aerial view trees

Aquatic Surveys

In contrast, an aquatic Ecology Survey delves into the realms of water-based ecosystems, encompassing rivers, lakes, ponds, and marine environments. 

These surveys aim to understand the intricate dynamics of aquatic ecosystems, examining water quality, aquatic flora, and the diverse range of freshwater systems and protected species including white-clawed crayfish, otters, water voles, and fish. 

The data collected from an aquatic Ecology Survey is invaluable for ensuring the sustainable management of water resources, conserving aquatic biodiversity, and making informed decisions regarding aquatic habitats. 

Aquatic Ecology

Why Choose RammSanderson for Ecology Survey Services?

  • We specialise in all aspects of ecology survey services and mitigation processes.
  • We can help clients minimise project risks and costs.
  • Our team is qualified ecologists, and we are a CIEEM Registered Practice.
  • Our Core Values: Collaboration, Integrity, Accountability, Learning, Excellence, Safety.
  • We believe in a safe working environment for all and are accredited under Network Rail (RISQS) and Achilles UVDB.

RammSanderson can help provide clients with a pragmatic and cost-effective approach to projects on a site-specific basis. 

RammSanderson has a team of experienced operatives ready to carry out Habitat Management. Get in touch today!