A Preliminary Ecological Appraisal is crucial for planning applications. As such, our dedicated team will ensure that you are provided with guidance, mitigation measures and ensure compliance with environmental regulations.  

What is a Preliminary Ecological Appraisal 

A Preliminary Ecological Appraisal is often referred to as an extended Habitat Survey or Phase 1 Ecology Survey. It has three main elements:

  • Ecological desk study
  • Habitat survey (undertaken to UKHabs classification within condition scoring)
  • Written assessment

The aim of a Preliminary Ecological Appraisal is as follows:

  • Identify any existing or likely ecological constraints,
  • Assess the biodiversity value present in or around a development site,
  • Shape the development design in a way that reduces the impact of significant biodiversity features, and
  • Provide guidance on the extent of additional ecological assessments which may be required during the planning application process.

Phase 1 Habitat Survey 

Phase 1 Habitat Surveys follow the industry standard (JNCC) methodology and records all habitats in accordance with the UKHabs classification and condition criteria to enable Biodiversity Net Gain outputs. 

This method forms a useful baseline in assessing a sites condition and ecological value based on the habitat characteristics and key indicator species.

This approach incorporates the detailed mapping (using CAD & GIS) of habitats within a site, identifying any constraints and further survey requirements to fully understand the ecological impacts of a proposal.

Phase 1 habitat surveys form the basis of a Preliminary Ecological Appraisal in most circumstances and are incorporated within Ecological Impact Assessments and Environmental Statements. 

We provide comprehensive site-specific written reports for our full range of capabilities. All reports are produced to a high standard and are concise and suitable for planning.

Habitat survey

At RammSanderson, we ensure that all reports are fully comprehensive and clear, including:

  • A detailed explanation of methodology used
  • Results and full interpretation of the desk study
  • Extended Phase 1 Habitat Survey (Preliminary Ecological Appraisal) site visit results
  • Results of any potential impacts, recommendations, mitigation etc
  • Advice on whether further surveys should be undertaken
  • Guidance on all relevant legislation and planning policies

Our reports provide crucial information and insight for developers and support planning applications to enable the planning process to proceed without delay whilst ensuring compliance with local legislation and regulations.

Freshwater sampling

Why Choose RammSanderson for Preliminary Ecological Appraisals?

RammSanderson has been providing expert Preliminary Ecological Appraisal services since 2016 and has demonstrable success in this field. All work is completed in accordance with best practice, and we are a Charted Institute for Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM) Registered Practice. Our team ensure that you are provided with a fully comprehensive report to support planning applications

We provide guidance, mitigation measures and ensure compliance with environmental regulations.  Our team follow industry standards and aid in shaping development designs that minimise biodiversity impact.

Whatever the stage of your planning application, we can provide Preliminary Ecological Appraisal services to support any proposed development.  

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