13 Nov, 2019

In light of recent flooding caused by the heavy rains, RammSanderson is advising business owners to double check if their business is located in a flood risk area.

The environment agency website has a dedicated section with flood risk warning information and an alerts service.

It is really easy to use, all you do is enter your postcode and it will provide an assessment of the flood risk as well as links to a map that you can zoom in and out of to show the overall picture for your location. The flood risk may be due to rivers or seas but also surface water and reservoirs.

If you discover that your business is at risk, check if you are located within an area that receives flood warnings and sign up.

This is a 24-hour, automated service provided by the Environmental Agency that telephones you to warn you when a flood is likely to occur. The Environment Agency use a system of different warnings depending on the nature of the perceived threat;

Flooding can escalate relatively quickly, so our advice is to always register a number that you will always contactable on. You can sign up by visiting their website or calling 0845 988 1188.

If at high risk please contact us for advice on flood protection measures.

Long term, we can help you develop an emergency plan and help train your staff.