01 Aug, 2023
River Cothi

RammSanderson has access to a fleet of boats which enable access to a range of aquatic habitats and waterways. 

RammSanderson regularly undertakes surveys in and around waterbodies such as otter and water vole surveys, electrofishing surveys, geomorphology and habitat surveys and crayfish surveys. Access, especially for watercourses, can be tricky, often surrounded by dense vegetation or too deep to safely access via foot. To ensure our clients receive the most thorough results, we are able to deploy a boat in situations where normal access is limited or where the boat helps us cover an extended area.
Boat surveys are led by a qualified lead who has completed a British Canoeing Paddlesport Safety and Rescue Course. 

RammSanderson deploys boat surveys in conditions where normal bankside access is hindered or whereby the size of the watercourse limits access via foot. As such, RammSanderson can undertake the below surveys via our fleet of boats.



The Cothi is a River in Carmarthenshire, Wales. RammSanderson was instructed to survey the river for otters and water voles to inform the installation of debris screens across the channel to reduce the likelihood of flooding. The survey was due to take place at Pontargothi, however at this location, the river is bordered by steep bedrock banks, which presented difficulty when accessing the river - the river was also deep, preventing a surveyor wading across. A boat survey was used to tackle this issue, by launching in a safe location and paddling to the sections of the river that needed surveying. A banksman was on the banks at all times with a throw line should the boat come into any difficulties. 


The boat enabled us to perform a detailed otter and water vole survey whereby, for health and safety reasons, we would not have been able to access the watercourse. We gathered Otter evidence, including spraints and mammal prints indicating that this stretch of river supported an otter population.  

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