In light of the statement issued last night by the Prime Minister, and following clarification from the Housing Minister, the construction industry will be permitted to carry on working under certain conditions.

As well as projects that fall under the remit of a Nationally Significant Infrastructure Project, (NSIP) Cabinet minister Michael Gove has told the BBC today that in the interests of keeping the country running, building works could continue, if it can be done safely in the open air. However, works carried out at close quarters would not be appropriate.

With this in mind, until further guidance is issued, RammSanderson will be able to continue to carry out field based ecological, arboricultural and flood risk surveys as long as the land owner or developer will allow works to take place.

We also would like to highlight that it may still be possible to complete surveys on other projects using desk based methodologies as we can continue to carry out these surveys whilst safely working from home.

Due to hibernation and breeding seasons, some surveys only have a short survey window, and missing this window in 2020 could potentially delay the start of vital building projects that may affect the speed at which the economy can recover in future.

Rest assured the protection of everyone our priority, and we will always carry out thorough risk assessments on all projects to ensure the can go ahead safely.

If you have project that requires an ecological, flood or arboricultural survey requirement, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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