At RammSanderson we are delighted to have celebrated our fifth birthday – a major milestone anniversary in our journey towards becoming a leader in our field.

Founded in 2014 by Oliver Ramm and Nick Sanderson, Ramm Sanderson has steadily grown its turnover to £2m and expanded offices by providing Ecological Consultancy, Flood Risk Assessment and Arboriculture services. The company now employs 45 people in offices located in Ilkeston, Sheffield, London and Stafford.

We celebrated our anniversary by taking all staff and some key clients out for the day. Having hired BELGO restaurant in Nottingham City centre, Directors Nick and Oliver gave a plotted history of our achievements over the last five years so that everyone understood the journey we have taken. Presentations concluded with an outline of plans for the next five years, and then, quite rightly, everyone let their hair down a little bit and enjoyed celebrating our success.

Commenting, Oliver Ramm said, “It was great to get everyone together, to thank them and explain our progress. It was especially satisfying that a number of key clients who have been influential in helping us to reach our milestone anniversary were able to attend to share in our success. We have built a great team and now everyone has their eye firmly focused on delivering our plans for the next five years.”

As part of the strategy for achieving its five-year plan, RammSanderson has also invested in its marketing programme by appointing Simple Marketing Consultancy as its outsourced marketing manager. The marketing programme will see us sponsor or present at keynote presentations at leading environmental and planning conferences as we further raises our profile and consolidates our position as an industry leader.

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